Addiction and Tattoos

 I know that I have a somewhat addictive personality, as it relates to certain things but I had to laugh today when I rushed home to lay vocals and realized that my stuffed up nose and stopped up ears and swollen tonisils weren't really lending themselves to really beautiful singing......LOL.  So instead of laying vocals I tried to sing some Karen Clark Sheard which is what everyone with limited vocals should do .  I love singing.  Its such a stress reliever and a physical thrill.   I didn't always feel that way about it. I think I used to be more nervous to sing than I actually enjoyed it.  But now, chile please, if I don't sing, I go a little nuts.  I'm working on a song called "If I could run away" .  Someone on Twitter tried to scold me and say that that's no way to deal with a problem.  LOL.  They just don't know.  Sometimes it is.  

Pressing on.

Currently Coveting:

I have no tattoos.  I am not a tattoo person, but I really have been thinking about having this done.  I know that many reputable tatto shops won't do hands and feet because the ink is always prone to fading quickly, but I just love this.  Thoughts?

Ok, till next time peeps!

Love and Light

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