I went to high school in Atlanta.  Well, finished high school in Atlanta.  I was a transplant from DC when I was 16 so it was most awkward and devastating to have to move house, move state and move school.  This was to be my 8th school since kindergarten.  It ended up being for the best though. I grew and learned alot in Atlanta and grew to love it.  I even moved back after finishing college for a time and would take trips down as often as I could after moving to New York.  All this to say, its odd that I have not been in Atlanta in maybe ten years and I happen to be here now.  Its been a great trip down memory lane, a fabulous time reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones!  And a perfect time to revive this blog!  

In music news, I'm actually here for work. Native Instruments is rolling out some new goodness.  Komplete 10 and Komplete 10 Ultimate as well as Komplete Kontrol Keyboard series.  Its all pretty impressive and you can catch it over at Native Instruments dot com.  We are doing some demos at Patchwerk Studios for the musical masterminds of this fair city and I think that it will be great and edutaining event :-)  Glad to be able to participate!   

In KIA MUZE news, I have a new cover single called You Are, which is a Lionel Richie song.  The video for that is on the way. In writing and collab news I am working on some new tunes that I am excited share when they are done.  They have a life of their own and are different from what is on the Superhero album. I can't wait to see what these songs can accomplish.

Hope you all are well :-)

Love, Light,



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