Distribution and THE WAY

 As an indie artist no matter what medium your art is in, you are always wondering what is the best way to distribute yourself, gain exposure, be seen, be heard.  There are gurus and publicists who will tell you they have discovered the way.  Managers and agents who will tell you there is only one way, and well meaning loved ones who will ask you what is taking you so long to find the way????  I don't know about you but this can be mind numbing and for me anti creative.  I'm not writing about this because I have hit upon any secret in locating THE WAY.  But I do think the way probably looks less like banal annoucements and more like communication and genuine interest in people.   I just want to encourage someone today if they are scratching their head about distribution/promotion and the like as I have been doing, to realize that you honestly have the rest of your days to share your art.  Whether folks catch it this time around or as a "classic" , just keep sharing it and keep making it.

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