Dreams, Beds, Misfits and Taste of Soul

 I am of the opinion that big dreams require big beds.  To that end I am fantasizing about various fabulous beds that I think would look great with me in them.  Oddly, I stumbled across this picture of Sophia Loren in a bed that looks just like one of the ones I want.  She knew what time it was!!! 
And voila!!!

What lands, what mountains, what armies would not you not be able to conquer after snoozing in this bed????  I need a nap.

As for the music , all is well.  I am mixing on two songs right now, and about to start writing another.  Only have to record 3 more and then we will start the final mixes on the ones that will graduate to the album.  

I have some new YT vids up on the YT channel.  One is a cover of He Wants it All by Forever Jones and the other is Hear My Call by Jill Scott.  They are both gorgeous songs, if you get a chance, check them out, I think you will get something from them.  

I am also trying to pay more attention to my FB Kia Muze page, so if you have not checked it out and LIKEd it, please do.  Its here, KIA MUZE

Have a fab weekend peeps!!!  The Taste of Soul is happening here in EL LAY.  My tastebuds desperately want to go down to Crenshaw and go crazy!!!  Also the Misfits tour is making a stop at my church Faithful Central Bible Church on Saturday  featuring, Mali Music, Da T.R.U.T.H., The Ambassador, Rhema Soul and Sean Simmonds.  Bring out your young people and cut a step of praise!!

Kia Muze

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