Finally a new website

 I have been desperate for a new website for a while now.  My old one was fun with all of the sliding windows and whatnot but it was a pain to update and the whole Swish factor was baffling to me.  This one is much cleaner and I for one am glad!

What I am working on- besides tweaking on this site, I am in the middle of recording a Britney tunes cover.   I won't say which one yet, it's a surprise, but in my opinion it's one of her best songs.  I am also working on an original tune called Let There Be and prepping 3 other songs from the EP to go to master.  Also rehearsing and building my show.  I would love to be opening for someone by the end of this year on a tour.  Let There Be.......

About an hour ago I bought a  blue ukelele in the parking lot of the 99 cent store, so I guess I should learn how to play one right?  LOL.

Love and Light Peeps!!

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