Gone but never forgotten.....

 Like all of you I have run the whole gamut of emotions following the transition of Whitney Houston from disbelief to denial to heartbreak to resignation to joining with the rest of the world in celebrating her homegoing.  Whitney's music was so omnipresent and iconic that there can hardly be a person who does not have an onslaught of memories associated withe each song, each moment, each film.  Like any little girl who dreamed of growing up to become a singer, Whitney had it all for me.  The beauty, the emotional intelligence and the pipes.  Lord, just let a a drop of the annointing on her cords fall on mine .  All these years later, I am still looking to her poise, and vocal mastery for secrets and clues.  You could mine that material forever and still not get all of it.  What she had was a true GIFT.   

I don't have a tv.  I watch all of my shows, news and entertainment online and  during this week I was really glad of it.  I didn't want to hear all of the talking head chatter.  I am satisfied with my memories and her art.  I don't need anyone telling me about their speculations and rumors from unconfirmed sources about what happened.  I will always remember Whitney as she was at her best, and now that she is with the Father, I know that she is restored and and not only restored but enhanced.  When I hit the Throne Room, I 'll be ecstatic to hear that voice again.

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