Grammys 2014

I have been wanting to attend the Grammys since I knew what a Grammy was.  Really I was obsessed with every type of award show as a child because my mother would never let us stay up to watch them when we were really young. As we got older, we would have to go to bed halfway through the program. So annoying.  So when then opportunity presented itself to go this year I totally jumped at the chance.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect since I was going by myself.  It was just my intention to observe and take it all in, but God had other plans.  I met so many fun people, especially my girl Katxx who owns the record label Love Fame Records. She is an amazing DJ Diva.  And then in a total God moment, I got to meet Quincy Jones who is my number one music producer hero.  We chopped it up about his autobiography which I have read so many times, running cold water over one's wrists to stay awake writing music, the gangster times he experience as a youngster in Chicago and so much more.   The show itself was amazing too.  My favorite moment was Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar.  I also enjoyed Bey and Jay, the weddings and P!nk!!  Boyz II Men KILLED at the after party. They had the crowd in the palm of their hands.  Last night was easily one of the best I have ever had.  I am super grateful for the opportunity and will never forget it!

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