Happy Post-Thanksgiving!!!

I hope that you are still happily eating leftovers and not thinking about your return to reality tomorrow.  I had a great Thanksgiving full of my favorite people, food and activiites.  When you think about the goodness of God in the minutae as well as the big things, it can be overwhelming, and that's what I had, an overwhelming weekend.

Now its time to pull out all the Christmas stuff and get to decorating. I'm dragging my heels a bit on that. cuz it means a complete reorganization of my place and its alot more fun to keep eating leftovers and watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

There was one sad note to the holiday weekend and that was there seemed to be many people who lost loved ones over the weekend. Friends of mine, lost parents and aunts, TBN lost Paul Crouch and of course Paul Walker passed away in that car accident.  All of these losses, continually put things into proper perspective.  Life is meant to be lived and lived on PURPOSE.  Whatever your destiny is, be about the business of living it out.  I guarantee you its more than you currently imagine, yet fully possible for you to accomplish.  God redeems the time, but lets not waste it either.

A shot from my Holiday 2013 photoshoot (more to come):

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