Killing your children

 Ok, I had never heard this "saying" before, and then a friend of mine was doing a run of a pretty high profile musical in DC and the lead had been fired right before the show opened and apparently, this phrase was used in reference to the firing.....a little distasteful, and confusing but I do sort of get the meaning of what the person was trying to say.  So this past week I have been trying to whittle down the songlist for my album and there is a song that I have been working on for a year called Rewind.  That should have been the first clue I imagine....LOL.  I love the song, it totally takes me back to a place and a time and a person and I do some gut bucket singing on the end of it, however, it just ain't good enough or salvagable (is that a word) enough to make the cut.  When I finally realized that the other day, I was devastated.  I felt like I was killing one of my children.  We get so attached to our little pieces of art.  Its a wonder we give them away or share them at all, when that is precisely the point of making it.  Right? 

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