Last Quarter

 Hey Good Peeps!

When 2011 started, I was watching alot of Terri Savelle, who if you don't know her, is a really sweet lady from Texas who has an annointing to teach in the area of goal setting amongst other things.  She always asks, "Do you want to be in the same place this time next year as you are today?"  There is something about that question, that automatically makes you yell out NO!!!  Even if your life is great, your career is great, your relationships and family are great, everyone wants growth.  No one wants to be stagnant, IMHO.  So to that end, she and her father, Dr. Jerry Savelle, who is an amazing Bible teacher, teach alot about the prayer of petition and writing down your goals.  I did that at the beginning of the year as many of us do.  But this year unlike other years, I actually revisit the list/petition.  Its actually a notebook and I carry it around alot.  I have noticed that while there are some things in the book that have not yet come to pass, many things in the book have.  What's better is the things that that have come that I did not ask for.  And even more fun than that are the ways that some of these things are coming to pass.  God sure is creative, LOL.  So as we hit this last quarter of the year, I am shifting into overdrive.  Not to toil, because the Blessing means you are out from under the curse of toil.  But I am in overdrive to avail myself to the work that still is to be done this year towards finishing my tasks and encouraging you to finish yours!! Let's finish 2011 strong and not let ourselves be distracted by the enemy.  Distraction leads to defeat y'all.  Take your victory by faith!  Its the faith that takes not the faith that waits!!!

Love and Light, 

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