Mother Has Been Productive!

 I am happy to report that I think I am back in stride again.  Frankie Beverly.  
I finished Stronger and it is ready to go for mastering.  I am beginning to prep for the video.  I am finishing up on a few old tracks and about to FINALLY jump into a cpl new ones.  Discovered a few old tracks that will make it onto the album, yay!!  Besides got to see some old friends, am almost ready for Easter and am going to see Prince tonight with my dear friend Honor!!!!!  Had to get dressed for the concert this morning, so I am sitting here at work in the studio in shiny beads.  LOL. will all be worth it, when I hit the Purple Forum doors.  #LETSGOCRAZY!!!!!!!

Hope u all are well!!!!
love and light!
Kia Muze

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