So Amazing

 and I've been waiting.....

Shout out to Luther!!!!

Seriously though, life has been amazing.  Like great and then just like, wow, that really happened?  The happening being good, bad or sad.  I've been praying alot. For those I know and love and also for those I don't know.  Praying for peace, restoration and serenity.  The enemy is busy, playing mind games on people and trying to drive them crazy.  I know from personal experience that those times are never fun.  I pray a spirit of discernment for myself and whomever else may need it. 

Black Velvet is not happening this month, but I do have a new YT video.  I covered Kissing You by Des'ree and its on my YT page. I will get it up here too.  It was a request that came out of my Butterflies cover.  I had forgotten all about that song, but when I pulled it up and listened again and saw all the clips from Romeo and Juliet with Leo and Claire, I was instantly transported back to that time.  I LOVED that song when it came out.  Beyonce covered it too, and hers is pretty but Des'ree's is SUCH a cry.  Like a seriously DEEP cry, the love weight of the feeling on the song is like heavy.  I can't even hardly sing the song without breaking down into an ugly cry which is crazy.  Esp since I'm not dating anyone right now.  LOL, maybe that's why I'm crying, hello!   In any event, I do hope I did the song justice and I was glad to do it.  I keep getting Heather Headley requests as well.  So amusing to me, cuz when I was trying to jump into her Lion King and Aida costumes back in the day, I couldn't get hired.  Now everyone says I sound like her.  

Anyhoo, I hope you all are fabulous and living life to the full!!!!!  
Love, Love, Love.  That is all.

Kia Muze

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