The Heavens are telling......

This is a view from the Hubble Telescope.  I have had a deep fascination with images of sky and water lately.   Trying to fathom the intelligence that fomed the nature that is around me is something I could ponder forever and not get tired.  To think that the smallest stream of that knowledge goes into our creativity is so exciting to me!!!  And encouraging, it means that your ability to create is never-ending.  So think about that.  And then get to work!!!

What's New?  I have a photo shoot this weekend for the LA based t-shirt brand, LuV'd By Men'Y .  We are doing a cool shoot in downtown LA, which is a first for me, so I'm super excited.

I'm finishing vocals on a song called Brainspace that I wrote with super producer Jimirex.  He's awesome and amazing and I'm looking forward to doing alot more with him on the next project.

I have a new YT video up, I covered Whitney Houston .  Sacrilege I know!  I couldn't help myself.  I love and miss Whitney.  We have to keep her songs alive.

Till next time.

love and light,

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