The Knowledge

 Ever had so much information flying at you that you thought your brain could never hold it all?  That's how I feel.  And I want to stay here too, just cramming info in and moving fast, fast, fast!  Supersonic.

Finally pushed past all the old bizness that was hanging around and now I'm recording Knowledge.  It was a song I wrote in 09 for a feature that my sister Dilsey wrote called of course, KNOWLEDGE.  One of the top 3 banks in the country had given funding for the film before the recession hit and the bailout happened.   Now we are starting over, but I loved the song, it's beautiful and prophetic.  Even my mom liked it and encouraged me to re record it for the album, and she rarely likes anything.   So the trailer is done for the film, it has the demo version of the song dropped in, but I believe the time is now for Knowledge to happen on all fronts.  No weapon....this is the heritage  and I am shouting now :-)

Still celebrating the birthday :-)  I'm such a child about it, but I don't care what anybody thinks.  My mom has this picture of me on my 5th birthday dancing at my birthday party in a tiara by myself while everyone else is eating cake or something.  Prophetic.  Still dancing to the beat of my own drum.  Literally.

Hope you are all having a powerful week.

Love and Light
009 ;-)

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