Walk it out

 So if creation is finished and we already have the things that we want, then we are just walking it out right?  By the way, I love the remix on that song by Unk, but that is soooooo off topic.  Smh.  My point is we are just walking out the things that God has given us which is where the faith part comes in.  And that is a moment to moment thing, cuz honestly the doubts come assailing often.  But the devil is liar, and I already have the victory.  Now walk that out!!!!  I'm feelin' a little feisty today, like I could preach a whole sermon on keeping the faith.  I'll spare you.  Updates.  Working on an Adele cover for YT, she recorded Rollin in a helluva key.  One that she usually doesn't use live herself......but that is the key I want to do the cover in so, we's workin on it.  Finishing up the mixing/sweetening on Let There Be.  STILL waiting fro my HD camera so I can shoot the EL LAY video.  And the Stronger video.  That's about it.  It's enough for today.   Wish you all a really fantastic weekend, may it be ULTRA in every respect!!!!

Kia Muze

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