It's 10 pm and I have not yet eaten today. 1 cup of coffee at 9 am and a blow pop at 3 pm. Winning! You know how you're hungry and then you get past the point? That's where I am at, but I WILL have a fish taco before its all over.

First things first, the Prince concert was the bomb-diggity. I have some video. I just loaded it up to my computer. I am wondering if I can post it without the Purple One shutting my @ss down. I'll try to post up a little Purple Rain snippet for you soon. It was really amazing. He did like 6 encores too. I would have stayed there with him all night. But alas, folks started leaving and he decided there was no need for a seventh encore! LOL. Love him!!

Anyway, I am in a sense of wonderment cuz God has been dealing with me on some things and it's just funny to get confirmations of personal revelation from outside sources. Don't you love when that happens? Easter was so great, we had a fantastic service for Good Friday, Jesus rode in the tabernacle on a donkey and Easter was just off the chain. That mass choir sang the roof off. I blew out my own voice and I'm not even in the Choir!!!!!! So because I am recuperating, I won't be at Black Velvet on Thursday, but I will be doing some You Tubing this weekend so I will have some new vids soon.

Love n Light
Kia Muze

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