#24K Magic - Bruno Mars

When you kick off a song with a luxurious talk box/autotune harmonized interlude and then promptly drop a good old funky 80's synth jam a la Roger Troutman and Zapp, you are inevitably going to get some asses shaking.  Especially…

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Bad Boy 20 Year Reunion Concert

I'm about a week late in getting this blog up but I would be remiss if I did not share with you the Happy Feelings that were this final night of this tour, wrapping up at the Los Angeles Forum…Read more

For Free-DJ Khaled and Drake

This song is pretty ratchet/raunchy so if that's not your thing, you may wanna just skip this song/blog.  I don't have a lot to run down about this tune but I do want to touch on the reasons why this…Read more

#Dreamgirls 35th Anniversary Concert

One day a few months ago I walked by a poster advertising Dreamgirls with the three original Dreams, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Loretta Devine and Jennifer Holliday.  I stopped in my tracks.  Dreamgirls is one of THOSE musicals, one that you…Read more

#ChainSmokers- Don't Let Me Down

This is one of my favorite songs currently on radio. The opening guitar lick is distintive and sweetly melodic.  It opens the song in a way that draws you in.

The singer, Daya's vocal tone has that hoarse and…

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Love on the Brain - #Rihanna

I have been listening to Anti since it came out in heavy rotation.  I love that not one song sounds like any other song on the project.  Literally every song could be in it's own little genre category and Rihanna…Read more

Pray You Catch Me - #Beyonce'

Disclaimer:  I love me some Beyonce'.  I'm not as obsessed as some of the Hive, I haven't seen every tour, and I don't know all the lyrics to every song.  But my work out music is always about 75% Beyonce'…Read more

No More Mr. Nice Girl. #sorrynotsorry

No More Mr. Nice Girl. #sorrynotsorry. This may be a sentiment shared by many a frustrated woman at one time or another.  KIA MUZE is back second quarter 2016 with a new single detailing the freedoms on the other…

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This is what's going on!!

Hey Good People,

Quarter 1 of 2016 is done, and I am pretty excited to share with you all of the projects I am working on and hope that you will be able to participate and check out some of…Read more

Not so new, new year....

I admit I am a bit late on my new year greetings to you Good Peeps.  My old year sort of rolled into the new year and things didn't look much different.  Just lots of work, and then more work…Read more

The Evolution of a Love Relationship

I was just about to type, "it's been so long since I released new music" but then I remembered, that is actually not true.  I released that Lionel Richie cover of You Are just 4 months ago and it has…Read more

Is it time to eat yet?

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  I love the Macy's parade. I get up early every year to watch all of the new Broadway shows perform at the top of the parade and try to spot any of my friends…Read more