Summer's end and The Butler...

I have been terrible about updating this blog. Honestly most of the work I have been doing has been on YouTube and in the recording studio lately.  I hope that everyone had a great summer.  It still feels like Summer in LA. 90 degrees like every day. I'm not complaining. Its perfect beach weather and anyone who knows me knows that one of my primary reasons for moving out here was sun, sand and water.   PERFECT LIFE is life by the ocean.

So I have been pretty busy. Working on a couple of collabs right now. Finishing songs for the new project.  Rehearsing for my first show in ages on the 24th of September at Molly Malones in LA.  And its all GOOD.  I'd much rather be busy than bored.

I saw Lee Daniels' The Butler yesterday and it blew me away. I cried the entire film.  Certain scenes reminded me so much of my own family.  I come from a family of domestic workers, my grandparents on both sides were and the stories they tell were just like what I saw in the film.  It really affected me at a core level which also speaks to the acting which was AMAZING.  If there are not some Oscar noms for this movie, it will be a huge travesty.  If you have not seen this film, run to a theatre.  Not only is it a movie about family dynamics but also about our American history and I think every American should see it.

Have an Epic week peeps!!

Kia Muze :-)

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