The Evolution of a Love Relationship

I was just about to type, "it's been so long since I released new music" but then I remembered, that is actually not true.  I released that Lionel Richie cover of You Are just 4 months ago and it has been extremely well received.  If you missed it, you can grab it here.

This blog post however is about my NEW ISH which is being released on March 12!!! LOL.  I wrote a song last summer called Remember.  The main idea of the song is in the hook, "so that we could always see, our love like it's meant to be, let's leave clues so we remember...."  I got the idea from my ex-fiance.  When we first started dating, he wanted us to make a videos of everything we were doing together and also do confessionals of how we felt about each other in the moment.  He said that we would need it down the line.  Did we ever......Unfortunately, we never did those videos.  But it gave me the idea for this song.  It's very important to document the evolution of a love relationship in my opinion.  In the low periods where you are not sure that you like the person very much, this is especially important because you have to find your way back to the love.  This really can't be overstated.  Don't take your love for granted. Document it and nurture it as much as possible.  This is not to share with all of social media (you people know who you are), but for yourself so that you can have the clues to find your way back......

Love and Light