You Are

Hey Peeps,

Quick post to fill you in on my latest cover of Lionel Richie's YOU ARE.  I love this song and I happened to hear it on the way home from Coachella this year and decided on the spot…Read more


I went to high school in Atlanta.  Well, finished high school in Atlanta.  I was a transplant from DC when I was 16 so it was most awkward and devastating to have to move house, move state and move school…Read more

Grammys 2014

I have been wanting to attend the Grammys since I knew what a Grammy was.  Really I was obsessed with every type of award show as a child because my mother would never let us stay up to watch them…Read more

2014 and emergency chocolate

That's a pleasant number, no?  May it be a pleasant year for you and all of your loved ones!!  

I have loved these short weeks.  Not that I was doing much in the way of music work anyway.  I took…Read more

Jet Lag is a MoFo.

I've been in Berlin for seven days and I still can't get right on the sleep situation.  Every day at like 6pm Berlin time I'm racing for my pillows.  Then I'm awake at midnight or 2am and stay up till…Read more

Happy Post-Thanksgiving!!!

I hope that you are still happily eating leftovers and not thinking about your return to reality tomorrow.  I had a great Thanksgiving full of my favorite people, food and activiites.  When you think about the goodness of God in…Read more

1st show for Superhero EP-DONE!

I had SUCH a blast last night playing at Molly Malones in Los Angeles :-)  Thank you to all of my friends and friends of friends who came out to support!!!  What an amazing night.  The sound was fantastic and…Read more

Summer's end and The Butler...

I have been terrible about updating this blog. Honestly most of the work I have been doing has been on YouTube and in the recording studio lately.  I hope that everyone had a great summer.  It still feels like Summer…Read more


 I went to see Gatsby last weekend and I really loved it.  The movie is a visual FEAST!  I am not a Baz stan, or a stan for anyone else associated with the film but it was gorgeous and…Read more


Indie record label running aint no jokes peoples.  Especially if you also happen to have a full time j-o-b.

The My Ladies video is in final edits.  It should be done in all of its Pink Glory by the…Read more