Yet will i trust Him

 Never look to the facts to tell you the truth.  Facts have to bow to the truth of God's Word.  What word has He given to you? Hold fast and tell the devil to go sit down.

I love…Read more

Walk it out

 So if creation is finished and we already have the things that we want, then we are just walking it out right?  By the way, I love the remix on that song by Unk, but that is soooooo off topic…Read more

So Amazing

 and I've been waiting.....

Shout out to Luther!!!!

Seriously though, life has been amazing.  Like great and then just like, wow, that really happened?  The happening being good, bad or sad.  I've been praying alot. For those I…Read more


Recording new track for the EP called Let There Be, and waiting for the HD camera to get here so I can get some more vids done.  I just did a Butterflies cover on the old camera that I will…Read more

holding on to that last ounce of discipline.

 Let's just keep it 100 shall we?  Its been hot in EL LAY.  Like high 80s, low 90s.   Sunny, balmy.  Sit on a fancy patio and drink cocktails weather. I have managed to not do that.  For now.  LOL.  But…Read more


  It's 10 pm and I have not yet eaten today. 1 cup of coffee at 9 am and a blow pop at 3 pm. Winning! You know how you're hungry and then you get past the point? That's where I…Read more

Mother Has Been Productive!

 I am happy to report that I think I am back in stride again.  Frankie Beverly.  
I finished Stronger and it is ready to go for mastering.  I am beginning to prep for the video.  I am finishing up…Read more


 This is just one of those I am over it days.  Having done all to stand.....I am standing on the Word.  In fact, unless I am using the midi controller at work, I usually have scriptures on it.  Keeps my…Read more

Killing your children

 Ok, I had never heard this "saying" before, and then a friend of mine was doing a run of a pretty high profile musical in DC and the lead had been fired right before the show opened and apparently, this…Read more

Struggle for balance

 Seems like before I started doing music full time,  and was doing more auditioning for acting gigs, there was more time to work out and keep the hair and nails done, spend a hour doing hair and make up etc…Read more

EL LAY @ Black Velvet Lounge

 I perfomed EL LAY last Thursday at Boarner's, otherwise known as the Black Velvet Lounge.  We had some die hard troopers in the house as it was a rainy and cold night.  I want to say a special thanks to…Read more

Finally a new website

 I have been desperate for a new website for a while now.  My old one was fun with all of the sliding windows and whatnot but it was a pain to update and the whole Swish factor was baffling to…Read more