Cashmere Threat R&B Vocal Samples -A maj 94 bpm
  • Cashmere Threat R&B Vocal Samples -A maj 94 bpm
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This topline vocal kit features a full prechorus, chorus and bridge in smoothed out vocals. You can use these acapella vocals in any way you choose. The leads and background sections are all separated and offered in stereo WET and DRY options. You can use full phrasing to start a song with vocals, you can sample some phrasing of the leads, or the backs. You can use the the offered sections as leads as well as hooks. There are infinite levels of possibility for how you can use, chop, screw, mangle and throw fx on these vocal stems. The Demo shows the vocals against a track, but there is NO INSTRUMENTATION in this release. These are acapella vocals only in the key of A major, at 94 bpm. All Royalty Free.

vocalsamples #r&b #soul

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