Create YOUR best material and successfully market it to media, brands and businesses. Not just your songs, but also monetize ALL of your musical IP for a valuable Return On Investment.”


It's Not A Hobby.

This is your intellectual property we are talking about, and you deserve a real wage for it.

I help songwriters, musicians, producers, or even writers who have never even written a song before, create THEIR best song and show them how to make it work for them in the places that matter, media, brands, enterprise etc,  even if they do not have a large following, or thousands of Spotify streams, so that they can get a ROI on the investment of their time, money and creativity as well as create a lasting artistic and financial legacy.

Get the tools, templates, scripts and lists I have used to earn 8 to 75x my streaming royalties on my music.  Get the information I used to client manage Kid Capri, Bryan-Michael Cox, Sugarland, Bruno Mars' touring Music Director, BT and bedroom producers the world over into earning multiple thousands per month from just one aspect of their IP.

HONESTLY ASK YOURSELF, how much investment of time or money have you put into being a PR agent, working at a music publisher, working at a music tech or sound design agency, or working in music marketing?  If the answer to these questions is not much...then a radical event is needed to give you radical change in your business of music.  Drop me a note below and let's talk about how we make your hustle PROGRESSIVE with measurable success.

Kia embodies work ethic, respect for the culture of music, and knowledge that is priceless, she is a real asset.”

— Kid Capri

@maseratisparks in studio

@maseratisparks in studio

When I met Kia I was still working 2 full time jobs and sound designing a year a so later I quit my jobs and pursued my music career full time.”

— Maserati Sparks

Top performing digital music content project client managed by Kia

Top performing digital music content project client managed by Kia

📍Be sure you are marketing the right material⁣ 
📍Package and protect it with low margins⁣ 
📍Employ it beyond social media posts to make it work in enterprise businesses.⁣ 
📍You will receive the exact scripts, templates and contacts to continually market your music to the people who are looking for it and be able to track their interaction with your content.⁣ 
📍Guarantee least 2K and up per month on digital musical content.⁣ 


-To Dos and Not To Dos when using a digital distribution company/Song Protection

-Leverage Codes bible which organizes your music IP with all metadata, partners, earnings and deployments

-Contacts for audio mixers, master engineers, royalty free art creation platforms

-Marketing target contacts (media/blogs, music supervisors and shows looking, retail brands, enterprise playlist companies, playlists, festivals and contests, soundpack and ringtone companies)
.....and more!⁣

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