1. Only 4 U

From the recording 3 Piece 'N A Biscuit

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Production: Mahogany Muze 009
Writer: Kia Muze


I’m gone teleport ya, transport ya back that thang right up and on ya
Work it out till you forget your name
Then you gone stroke it up, beat it up, ocean’s up and surf is coming work it out till I forget the same oh.

Oh, only for you
And noone’s gonna rush this groove
Only for you
I want it
I’m down boy you own it
Only for you
Only for you
Only for you

It’s all so personal, sensual getting me emotional cuz no one ever made me feel this way
And when you open up, not so tough you send us into overdrive
Show me all the games you like to play

Give it to me put it on me
Don’t hold back on me baby
Give it to me
Oh so slowly
You know how I want it babe
Babe babe, Baby