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Accordian-New Single

out now....Dec 12, 2018

KM's most romantic song to date.  Just dreamy piano, violins and Kia.  Hop over to the Music tab or hit the SPOTIFY or APPLE Music buttons above.

Muze on melody #1 -Ella Mai-Trip

Only 4 U-From 3 Piece 'n a biscuit

3 Piece 'N a Biscuit

July 3, 2018- Kia's second EP is now available.  KIA collaborated with Luke Austin (Keith Sweat, J. Holiday, Ronald Isley), Chad Dexter (G Unit) and Elena Charis (League of Extraordinary Pens) on these songs and is also releasing them with two music videos for U Ain't Gotta Lie as well as Only 4 U.


June 22, 2018-Introducing new KIA MUZE Patreon channel featuring new programming- 16 Barz with KIA MUZE, Ask KIA, unpublished IG photos, behind the MUZE-IC and desk concerts.  New posts available now! .   This cover of Tell Me You Love Me (Demi Lovato) can be found on all streaming and download outlets.



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