#ChainSmokers- Don't Let Me Down

This is one of my favorite songs currently on radio. The opening guitar lick is distintive and sweetly melodic.  It opens the song in a way that draws you in.

The singer, Daya's vocal tone has that hoarse and airy quality that is so popular right now and her accent and affect is unique but also feels vaguely familiar. It rides perfectly on this track.


The lyrics are  simple. Its a lot of repetition of Don't Let Me Down which works because this song is about the sonics and vibe and less about deep metaphors.

The synth that comes in at the hook sounds a bit like other edm anthems  but complements the bass perfectly.  Daya's topline sets up the drop so spot on that by the time it comes in, you are completely ready to get your bops!!!

This song is a perfect marriage of pop and dance.  It has the tender songwriter moments, the big belty moments and then the dance builds and the drop release moments. It covers all the bases. Completely satisfying.

Don't Let Me Down ia riding at number 4 on the Billboard  Hot 100 this week. It's definitely on repeat for me! Congrats to The Chainsmokers and Daya on a nailing a smash!!!