Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

I think that every home should have a dog and some kids.  If you're not set up for the kids yet or just can't stand them then at least you should have a dog.  Dogs, require you to express love, they require for you to get out of your bed and feed and walk them, they require you to not be so self centered.  Having a dog is an excercise in love and in being loved.  Honestly there is nothing better than coming home to something furry and cute that is beside itself panting simply because you are home (and happen to be the dispenser of food). I really don't care if its only about the food, I like the fact that she is enthusiastic about it!!!  And to that end, my pup has enthusiastically pulled me thru many a depression and dark day.   She thinks I am a champ and so I would like to be one.

This post is also about non-dog stuff like my EP coming out on Tuesday.  It will be up on my site as well as the usual digital outlets.  The second video for Brainspace is HERE.

Thanks for all of the love and shout outs over the past week.  Its all appreciated!!

See u Tuesday!!

love and light,

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