Been So Long...

 The longer it takes to write a blog entry the more I am unsure about what to write.

There has been a lot of transition in my own life and I have taken most of the first quarter of the year to absorb and adjust to that. I changed jobs in February so I am at a new music software company. Its been a good transition. I'm in final mixes on my album. Half of it is mixed. Feels weird to be mostly done. I need to start thinking about putting these tunes on their feet in live context now. And the rest of life has been exciting and new. New experiences, new people, new revelation. 2012 has been awesome and amazing and given me alot to songwrite about! God is good yall. As good as you will allow Him to be for you.

It is my aim to post more than once a quarter. I was doing so well last year....sigh. Like I said this year just has been a larger experience for me and I have been remiss in getting down my thoughts around it other than to say its Good. I'm so eloquent :-)

Everyone Be Blessed!
Till next time.
Love and Light
Kia Muze

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