Everyone thinks they are OCD....

 cuz we all like to have our things a certain way right?  I don't know why I ever tried to term myself OCD.  I mean yes I am particular about certain things like how I like my music to sound or my food to taste and maybe the GENERAL VICINITY of where my belongings are, but recently I have been comparing myself to others in these respects and I have found.....I am not OCD at all.  At. All.  

A friend pointed out my organized chaos in the bathroom.  My jewelry is supposed to be in the closet.  On stands.  But somehow, I always end up taking it on and off in the bathroom and so in the bathroom it stays.  Organized chaos :-)  I dig it.

and for the jewelry that doesn't live in my bathroom, it lives on me until I eat it....

In other news, I delivered my project  to master today.  WOOT!!!!!

Getting closer to that finish line, eeeebeeeeyahhhh!!!! Shondo!!!

Sieze the day peeps.  And while you are siezing, sieze your loved ones and love em up.  You just never know.....

love and light,
Kia Muze

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