Struggle for balance

 Seems like before I started doing music full time,  and was doing more auditioning for acting gigs, there was more time to work out and keep the hair and nails done, spend a hour doing hair and make up etc.  Now that I am in a music studio 60 plus hours a week, my beauty regime seems to be out of the window.  On one hand, I reason, no one sees me, or at least no one I care about so what does it matter really? But then on the other hand, how we look has a great deal to do with how we feel about ourselves and how we approach our lives and our expectations for what we want out of life.  I realize that  I need to keep my maintenance up, or preserve my sexy as Diddy would say .  Take that, take that!  But still, I struggle to find balance between checking items off of my list to dos and simply trying to look glam all the time.

And BTW, in the scheme of life, with wars and rumors of wars and trial and tribulation, I realize that this probably seems trivial.  It was the Japan earthquake and the 6 blown up nuclear reactors that reminded me that in life you have to enjoy the little things.   I  had a day when I thought the world as we know it was coming to an end and that Revelations was upon us.  It took me instantly back to 9/11 and how I felt on that day.  And then when I looked at my life I no longer felt stressed about my bank account, or my upcoming show or the track that won't come together cuz impending disaster puts EVERYTHING in perspective.   Gotta enjoy each moment while you can.

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