June Gloom is over kids.  EL LAY is mad sunny, and in my life the Sun is definitely burning thru the cloud cover illuminating things that I could not see before.  Its an exciting time.  

The show at the Watts Men's Health Fair was alot of fun, I met many kool peeps and had a great time.  Will get some footage and pics up very soon.  I'm a little behind in editing.  I think there are two vids on deck waiting already.  The weekend was the most fun I've had in a long time.  I had not performed since April so I was overdue and then it was BET weekend so I got to connect with alot of new people and see soooo many artists perform both at the Watts show and the KJLH event.  I LOVE artists.  Creativity is infinitely expressed.  Amazing.  To top it all off I got to hear Devon Franklin speak at One Church International and he delivered a Word of a Lifetime.  I am hoping that a link will go up of it that I can share.  It is crucial listening for any artist who wants to succeed while holding on to their faith.  You can learn more in his book also, Produced by Faith.

This week is my bday week, I'm excited peeps!!  So if I don't find my way to making any more blog posts, trust that I am somewhere getting in trouble.....Yaaaaaas!!!

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