This is what's going on!!

Hey Good People,

Quarter 1 of 2016 is done, and I am pretty excited to share with you all of the projects I am working on and hope that you will be able to participate and check out some of these things as well.  I want to make out interactions as worthwhile as possible.  

So about these here projects.  There is a new single that is in the final mastering phases right now.  I have teased the song a little bit on social media but now you will get to hear the whole thing and it knocks so I think you will enjoy it!  I am also working on a new EP with some of the awesome producers I have had the oppty to work with over the past two years.  The last couple of years have been much more about my songwriting for projects other than my own so if it seems like I have been quiet, that is the reason why.  But its time for me to say some things so you will be getting a good amount of Kia Muze content this year.

On the topic of creation, I am also debuting a merchandise line called MUZETTE 009.  While the main focus will be fun and fashionable items for women, there are also select items for men and children/babies and lots of gifting ideas.  I am partnering with two great companies to get you the most fashion forward and well made items, so while there will be standard tees and sweats, there will also be much more than that.  Stay tuned!

love and light